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Since 1882, the Gilbert family has been active in the shoe manufacturing sector.



- 1882  -  Two generations of hoof makers in LENCLOITRE.

- 1920  - Marcel Gilbert develops his company in Limoges.

- 1957 - Charles Gilbert moved to Deux-Sèvres to create the "Chaussures de Gatine" with  his wife Mrs Gilbert Jacqueline.

- The Trademark is registered by Mr. Gilbert Charles at the INPI.

- 1984 - Alain Gilbert is mandated as manager. 

- De 1991 à 1997 - Bernard Gilbert carries out his activity related to the family activity.  

- 1999 - Alain Gilbert welcomes his brother to the family business. 

Alain gilbert, his brother Bernard and their mother, Gilbert Jacqueline inherits the company from the late Charles Gilbert. 



Entirely made in France, our products retain a unique know-how thanks to the team of workers who were trained under the direction of Mr. Gilbert Charles and whose maintenance in France by Mr. Gilbert Alain allows us to promote the quality of the product. 


The company is changing and evolving - Follow me...;)